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Existing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity may increase your risk for COVID-19 infection and its complications. These chronic conditions are lifestyle-associated diseases that can be prevented or managed. We are offering WATT services for free for 3 months to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and manage your chronic conditions.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle is a key to managing your chronic health conditions and creating long-lasting results. WATT connects you to self-monitoring health tools, personalized resources, and health experts. Develop healthy eating habits, become more physically active, and establish an overall healthier lifestyle with WATT and support from health coaches! See below to see why WATT works!


WATT connects you to health coaches and experts for additional support and advice.


WATT is personalized to meet your needs by providing you with tailored plans, resources, and education in one place.


WATT monitors your progress and provides you with instant feedback and support in real time.


WATT provides you with the right tools from anywhere. Access the platform from your computer and smart devices.

WATT engages, energizes, and empowers you for better health.

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